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Stationary Furnaces with combustion crucible


Steel plate and iron sections.

Refractory coating:

Triple course refractory alumina bricks (60% ÷ 85%), refractory concrete and ceramics. The coating with bricks provides the furnace with thermal inertia: this lowers melting time and the need for burners during the maintenance phase.


Our furnaces can work with any kind of burners, such as oil burners, gas burners etc. They are all equipped with control board and control instruments: thermo-regulator, pyrometer, thermocouple and timer.

Head recuperator:

On request furnaces can be equipped with heat recuperator.


10 to 800 Kg – Copper Alloys
50 to 1000 Kg – Aluminium Alloys Al.


Furnace is ready for use: make sure you have electricity and fire-tubes connection.

CE EN 746/96 Standards

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